Abilify reviews.


Mental illness, herbs do not help!...


Mental illness, herbs do not help! And absolutely all drugs have side effects, including Abilify - the stronger the greater the medication side effects! But I told you, it is better to take pharmaceuticals and have all the negative effects, it is at least there is any chance of a normal life of the patient in the community, or else you put in the hospital for the mentally ill, those people will have to spend a lifetime! If the disease is not treated pcihicheskie - they just usilivayutsya, patients are becoming more unbalanced and dangerous both for themselves and for others!

Sophia: Question: But schizophrenia is not treated?


Answer: No, it can not be cured, but mild forms of schizophrenia and dvopolyarnosti can be controlled by medikomentov like Abilify! It gives a chance for a normal life for the society and the chance of the patient to have a normal life with us!


I live in the US and tried 6 different medications for schizophrenia. I stood on Abilify - because of side effects does not feel. Only occasionally, once in 3-4 months there is anxiety and artificial eyes roll. However, it is negligible in comparison with other drugs, such as the resperedon, which tightens the muscles. It is better to live and feel this than get depressed, which come to the scary thought, and besides - hallucinations when the walls of rabbits jumping into the arms of strangers. Dramatize, but I just appreciate the product Abilify, it supports my life.


Information needed my friend - How long after taking Abilify episode of schizophrenia? You can completely undo Abilify after 2 years of taking the drug? I ask if someone had this experience - Answer!


Snapped, it got worse as before treatment.


Q: I have, the body has adapted perhaps? Now the effect of Abilify - zero? Answer: Take 15 mg of Aripiprazole (Abilify)? Aggravation may be while receiving treatment.

Question: is the manifestation of the disease? 15 mg of aripiprazole - a lot or a little?


Some even take 30mg Abilify. If you reshishili buy Abilify - do it!


I understand that drugs like Abilify I have to drink for life (though the doctor says that about 5 years), so is there any hope that I can live on equal terms with colleagues who do not use drugs?